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Pat and Mark's Vegas Vacation! The Open Track Challenge 2002 

7 days, 7 tracks.  Sound Familiar?  Well it's not.  This year Mark and Pat are driving out to the west coast to drive 7 tracks they've never seen before.   Each day, Mark and Pat will compete at a different track, starting near Las Vegas, and then traversing California in search of fame and glory.  

Come share our adventure...

The Starting Line (completed)

Event 1 - Spring Mountain Motorsports Park - May 12th (completed)

Event 2 - Willow Springs - May 13th (completed) 

Event 3 - Streets of Willow Springs - May 14th (completed)

Event 4 - Buttonwillow, Clockwise Configuration #1, May 15th (completed)

Event 5 - Thunderhill, May 16th (completed)

Event 6 - Buttonwillow, Counter Clockwise Config # 14, May 17th (completed)

Event 7 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway -- May 18th (completed)  

Epilogue - what a wild ride it's been... (completed).  

"Where's MINI?" Contest  

So sit back and enjoy the ride!


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