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Open Track Challenge 2002 -- Pat and Mark's Vegas Vacation
The "Where's MINI?" Contest

Please note, the official contest is over, but you can still play along for fun.  You'll want to read through the whole adventure, before you play.

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Contest Rules

1)  The contest starts now, and ends Saturday, June 8th, 2002, Midnight, Eastern Standard Time.  All entries must be received by that time.   Please note, the official contest is over, but you can still play along for fun.  

2)  You have until that time to complete your answers.  Entering early does not affect your chance of winning.  You may revise your answers up until the contest closing, by sending another email.  Your latest entry is the only one that counts.

3)  One entry per household.   Obviously you can fool me by submitting your answers through different email addresses, but that would be cheating and not in the spirit of the contest.

4)  One prize per household.    Obviously this is the case, unless you are cheating per rule #3.  Sorry, but relatives and associates of Pat and Mark cannot win prizes (although they are free to play along).  That's only fair.

5)  The winners will be determined by the following criteria:

You guess the location (state) in which each picture was taken.  The person with the most correct guesses gets 1st place, and so forth.  The tie-breaker questions will be used to break any ties. 

6)  Mark and Pat reserve the right to change the contest rules and prizes at any moment due to unforeseen problems, although this is not likely.    It is even possible the contest could get cancelled, but again, this is unlikely.  You can't sue Mark and Pat for any damages, because you didn't pay anything to play, and heck, its just for fun anyway. 

7)  Prizes are as follows (subject to some revision, as a few new prizes may be added):

(Editor's Update - the prize list will grow - new prizes are arriving so stay tuned...)

1st Place:

Official Mini logo'ed Polo shirt, size large in white and Official Mini Press Kit CD-ROM (you get both!)

2nd Place:

1 copy Official Open Track Challenge Video, DVD format

3rd Place:

Official Mini Logo'ed hat, black

4th Place:

Official VIR logo'ed hat, black

5th Place and higher (until we run out): 

Official Mini Press Kit, CD-Rom format

Consolation prizes (until we run out):

Official Mini lapel/shirt Pin

8)  It is our intention to post contest results no later than June 15th.   It is our intention to mail all prizes no later than June 22nd.  We will pay for the cost of shipping, but sorry, prizes will not be insured. 

That's it!!!  Now you're ready to play...


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